5 a Side Football in London

Five-a-side football is a quick and easy way for players to get their mid-week playing fix. Plus, it tends to be more social than the ‘full sized’ game so is suitable for all abilities.

5-a-side football in London is the ideal way to wind down after a busy day, burn a few calories, have a laugh with friends and meet new ones. There are venues all over London, men’s, women’s and mixed leagues. Games are often played on the latest synthetic pitches. Referees, bibs and balls are provided. Team members can simply turn up and play. Typically, 7-8 players are required per squad to allow for substitutions.

Many large organisations in London may already have their own 5-a-side teams, the call going out on match night, ‘who’s up for a game tonight, then?’ For those who prefer a team sport to hours spent trying to beat their own best time in the pool or largest number of reps in the gym, 5-a-side football provides the answer. Leagues also have a list of ‘ringers’ who are called upon if there are insufficient numbers of players for a match. This is a great way to meet new people, improve playing skills and see new grounds, finding where to play 5 aside football in London is also easy.

Social sports are on the rise, with many people choosing to register for team sports with a few work colleagues or simply as an individual rather than joining a particular club or taking out a potentially expensive subscription to a gym. Social sports tend to be friendly rather than seriously competitive, and feature members of all abilities plus often a few drinks afterwards.

Qualified referees are also welcome to enquire about keeping their skills honed with many of these 5-a-side leagues in London. Officiating a match is often paid, whereas the teams are required to pay to join the league. Some venues are open late into the evening to allow for the full social experience; games may also be available at the weekend. Leagues often have prizes at the end of the season so there is something to play for apart from personal enjoyment.

For those workers who either live in London or who can take advantage of off-peak train travel, a five-a-side football game after work with drinks can provide a break between the workday and the often-stressful homeward commute. Missing the rush hour also means more comfortable travel, which is never a bad thing.

Five-a-side football in London is growing in popularity. New venues and leagues are opening all the time and several dedicated organisations now exist to promote and organise social team sports events. It’s easy to get involved – either ask around at work or search online for local games.