3 Fun Ways to Get More Cardiovascular Exercise

Getting a proper amount of exercise doesn’t require you to be in pain, lose your breath, or work your muscles until they feel like giving out. On the other hand, if you’re expecting exercise to make a difference in your health or even your body, you can’t go too easy on yourself. Walking briskly around the neighborhood a few times might help you to increase your endurance slightly, but if the walk is short your heart won’t get the full benefit. Riedell skates are a wonderful accessory that you can wear on your feet all day long to boost your cardio and reduce your travel times. Here are three excellent ways to get more cardio exercise in your life so you don’t need to go to the gym.

1. Go Skating Everyday

Whether you prefer roller blading or roller skating, popping a pair of skates on your feet will definitely make a difference in the number of calories you burn daily. If skates aren’t allowed in the office, go out skating around during your lunch breaks, and then again after work. You’ll feel more relaxed as you sway back and forth around the pavement, and you’ll increase your agility as well as your heart rate. Increase the amount of time that you spend on your skates and you will get plenty more health benefits.

2. Running Instead of Walking

Using your feet on their own can count as cardiovascular exercise, so long as you move fast enough. Instead of taking a stroll that keeps things feeling casual, turn up the heat by jogging or running wherever you need to go. Put on your sweats and get a new set of earbuds so that you can take a run down to the grocery store and feel more invigorated while taking care of your health. Going for a run a few times a week will aid you in burning additional calories, help to keep your cholesterol down, and it will certainly help you to extend your life.

3. Ditch Your Car for a Bike

Most people don’t own their cars for convenience – instead, they drive out of necessity. It might take the wind out of you to try and commute 20 miles on foot back and forth to work every day, so you drive to make traveling more bearable. Well, there’s also a compromise that involves riding a bike. If you can realistically reach to all of your most important destinations via bike in less than an hour, then you might not need to take your car out of the garage very often at all. Ride your bike instead so that you strengthen your lower body and get a lot more cardio.

If you can find ways around being sedentary then increasing your cardiovascular exercise won’t be so hard. Cardiovascular exercise is important to keep your heart healthy and to help the extra pounds from being packed on. Get more cardio in conjunction with strength training to keep your body leaner and your primary care doctor happy about your vitals.